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Army Combat Fitness Test Information and Resources

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is the newly-developed fitness test that will replace the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The ACFT will consist of six events: 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL), Standing Power Throw (SPT), Hand Release Push-up (HRP), Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC), Leg Tuck (LTK), and 2-Mile Run (2MR). Scoring for the ACFT will be age and gender neutral. Standards for the ACFT correspond to each Soldier's respective MOS physical demand category - moderate (gold), significant (gray), or heavy (black), as well as unit requirements.

Implementation Timeline

The general timeline for ACFT implementation is as follows. For full information, refer to HQDA EXORD 219-18 (note: link accessible from .mil networks only).

Phase 1 - Initial Operational Capability (IOC): FY 19 (1 October 2018)

The ACFT will be field tested at 61 battalion-sized units (all Regular Army) and one Army command headquarters. Data and lessons learned from the field tests will direct adjustments to the standards and administration procedures leading to Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Full Operational Capability - Initial (FOC-Initial): FY 20 (1 October 2019)

The ACFT will be implemented Army-wide, with the legacy APFT continued for record test purposes. COMPO 1 (Regular Army) units will conduct the ACFT twice; COMPO 2 and 3 units (Army National Guard/Army Reserve) will conduct the ACFT once. During this time, the ACFT will also be incorporated into applicable regulations, publications, forms, records, and school courses.

Phase 3 - Full Operational Capability (FOC): FY 21 (1 October 2020)

The ACFT is adopted as the Army test of record. Policy regarding physical profiles and alternate events developed during the field tests will be published no later than 1 October 2020.

Scoring Notes

The latest public guidance released by CIMT has expanded upon the scoring guidance slightly.

Scoring Category Principles

  1. Based on requirements by unit and/or individual occupational physical demands
  2. Maintains occupational fitness requirements for close combat battalion and below units regardless of age or gender (Black & Grey categories)

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Resources

I have made an effort to identify the most current and authoritative resources concerning the ACFT. For your convenience, these resources are available below. Information regarding the ACFT is subject to change during the field testing period. Please contact me if you have received newer information through official channels.


  1. Army Combat Fitness Test Overview - 30 November 2018
  2. CALL Publication No. 18-37 - The Army Combat Fitness Test
  3. Army Combat Fitness Test Field Testing Manual, 6 September 2018
  4. Public Affairs Guidance for Army Combat Fitness Test, 5 July 2018


  1. Local Form 705-ACFT, October 2018 - This is a fillable Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard based on the Phase 1 IOC sample form.
  2. Enlisted Physical Demand Categories - By enlisted MOS. Source: PAM 611-21.
  3. Warrant Officer Physical Demand Categories - By warrant officer MOS. Source: PAM 611-21.
  4. Officer Physical Demand Categories - By officer AOC. Source: PAM 611-21.
  5. Army Combat Fitness Test Video - Brief video demonstrating the new ACFT events.


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