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I wrote what became version 1.0 of the APFT score calculator way back in high school when I was in the Army JROTC program. I needed an easy way to calculate scores and generate a score report for a large number of cadets, including generating scores using the extended scale. I had designed it for my own personal use, although I had also linked it from the JROTC unit's web site in case somebody else also could get some use out of it.

Eventually Google and other search engines picked up the address of the calculator and traffic to the site quickly began to increase. Since that time I have continued to improve the calculator, continually adding features along the way. Tens of thousands of APFTs are scored by users of the site on a monthly basis.

The calculator now features a wide variety of options which are fully described on the front page and in the usage notes. To the best of my knowledge, this calculator is the only automated APFT scoring system that provides such a comprehensive set of options and full compliance with FM 7-22 and AR 600-8-19. I hope that you find it useful.

This site is both free to use and advertisement-free, and always will be. That being said, it does cost me money to keep this site up and running. If you have found this site to be useful and would consider buying me a beer, I would greatly appreciate it. I also value your comments and suggestions which help me to continue to improve the site for you, the end user.

Christopher Hutton

Change Log:

11 October 2019

  1. Provided some updated ACFT resources (PAM 611-21 physical demands tables, updated FY20 ACFT phase 2 standards, and alternate event information).

8 October 2019 - Version 2.9

  1. Numerous formatting and interface enhancements for mobile devices.
  2. Scoring one Soldier only now displays results in a mobile-friendly individual Soldier report instead of the full multi-Soldier data table.
  3. Added Bulk Army Physical Fitness Scorecard form to assist with collecting APFT results.
  4. Changed references to "permanent profiles" to "physical profiles" since alternate APFT events can now be taken on a temporary physical profile.
  5. The PDF DA 705 export now generates a fillable PDF that can be updated if necessary after export, and digitally signed.

22 October 2018

  1. Updated doctrinal references and links on the notes page with the current publication revision and language.
  2. Added Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) information and references, including a fillable ACFT scorecard.
  3. APFTScore.com was featured in Volume 1, Issue 6 of Citizen-Soldier Magazine.

12 November 2017 - Version 2.81

  1. Internal code updates for PHP version upgrade.

19 May 2013

  1. Updated references to TC 3-22.20 to FM 7-22. Apologies for the delay on this; scoring has not been impacted.

16 December 2010 - Version 2.8

  1. I have transitioned the site over to the 3.0-DEVELOPMENT codebase, which is a significant re-write over the old code. Doing so will enable me to continue developing the future 3.0 version while keeping the backend scoring functionality the same between the two versions.
  2. Minor bug fixes and tweaks throughout.
  3. User interface changes including a redesigned front page and new scoring result icons.
  4. At the request of serveral users I have added an option for a 50% passing standard. This standard is used when scoring Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) soldiers as well as in some JROTC units.
  5. Updated PDF and XFDL formats of the DA 705 to the newer May 2010 version (the new form reflects the change to TC 3-22.20, but is otherwise the same).

30 November 2010

  1. Note: TC (Training Circular) 3-22.20 has superseded FM 21-20 as the Army's physical fitness manual. The finalized date of release of this manual is 20 August 2010; users should ensure that they are not using previous draft copies of the manual, such as a March draft available on Fort Benning's web site.
  2. Appendix A in TC 3-22.20 covers the Army Physical Fitness Test. Although the new manual changes the way units conduct physical training activities, no significant changes have been made to the APFT administration or scoring itself.

3 May 2010 - Version 2.7

  1. Calculator can now export to XFDL (PureEdge) format, an uploaded XFDL, or a PDF (as before). XFDL upload ability allows you to re-upload an XFDL format scorecard that you previously generated on the site to add new APFT results. Digital signatures from previous test dates are preserved.
  2. Scorecard creation page redesigned. The input interface now imitates the look of the DA 705 for ease of use and consistency.
  3. Assorted user interface improvements.

28 April 2010 - Version 2.61

  1. Updated to the November 2009 edition of DA Form 705. Previous editions are obsolete. The November 2009 edition removed the scored soldier's SSN from the form and as such is no longered to contain Privacy Act data. The SSN input field has been removed from the APFT score calculator.
  2. Minor changes to the usage notes to reflect changes in the 28 December 2009 RAR of AR 600-8-19. (Paragraph numbering in the AR was changed, but the content relevant to this calculator was not).
  3. Minor changes to clarify instructions and information provided throughout the site.

24 December 2008 - Version 2.6

  1. Application now scores APFT results in two different modes: record or promotion. See the usage notes for more information.
  2. Optional height/weight scoring is now included. Height/weight scoring is in accordance with Table 3-1 of AR 600-9 (The Army Weight Control Program) dated 27 November 2006.
  3. Multiple user interface improvements and modifications.

29 October 2008 - Version 2.53

  1. Corrected bug I previously introducted which marked some run failures as an overall APFT pass.
  2. Invalid data entered for one soldier will now generate an error only for that soldier, instead of halting the entire score report.
  3. Added last 4 SSN, body fat percentage, and body fat go/no-go fields to the scorecard generator. I also added a selection which allows you to record the test results as test one, two, three, or four on the scorecard.

24 June 2008 - Version 2.52

  1. Corrected small bug where alternate events were displayed on the web page in red if the average score of the push-up and sit-up events was less than 60. (Note: generated scorecards were still correctly marked as GO or NO-GO)

17 October 2007 - Version 2.51

  1. Added push-up and/or sit-up exemption for soldiers with permanent profiles for these events. Enter "P" as the number of repetitions for these soldiers. See the notes page for more information.
  2. Fixed bug where soldiers who earned exactly 60 points on an alternate aerobic event were incorrectly marked as a NO-GO on the generated APFT scorecard; fixed a bug where soldiers who earned a GO on an alternate aerobic event were incorrectly marked as a NO-GO on the generated APFT scorecard if their push-up/sit-up score average was less than 60.

1 September 2007 - Version 2.5

Based directly on user comments and suggestions, I've added several new features I think everybody will find helpful.

  1. Calculator now has the ability to score alternate aerobic events for all age groups. Please visit the new notes page for details regarding the scoring of the alternate events.
  2. You can now export scores directly to DA Form 705 (APFT Scorecard) in PDF format. On the score display page, click the Quick Scorecard Icon icon to create a quick scorecard based only on already-entered mandatory data (soldier name, gender, age, and raw APFT points). Click the Detailed Scorecard Icon icon and you will be presented with a scorecard creation form where you can enter additional data to populate the scorecard with. Information you enter into the Unit, Test Date, and OIC Signature fields will be automatically populated into subsequent loads of the scorecard creation page.
  3. Minor interface enhancements.

Thanks to users who have submitted ideas and comments - your feedback is appreciated.

2 July 2006

  1. I returned home from Iraq about a month and a half ago. Happy Fourth of July to everyone.

9 February 2006 - Version 2.1 launched

  1. I re-wrote the scoring table portion of the program, allowing me to use a table exported from Excel to serve as the backend of the scoring table. All age groups and scores listed in Chapter 14 of FM 21-20 are now available for scoring.

Version 2.0

  1. Version 2.0 of the APFT score calculator is up and running; currently, only male 17-21 scoring is available. I'll be adding some more categories as time permits (it's tedious data-entry stuff). If you'd be willing to format a category or two, please contact me. Note: I will be activating for deployment to the middle east in January 2005. For more information, please see my personal site.