APFTScore.com Usage Notes - Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Score Calculator

This page contains various notes which describe or clarify the scoring methods used by the calculator. Much of the methodology behind the functions of this calculator are explained here. I have made great efforts to ensure that the results generated by this utility are consistent with Army policy and regulations; however, I always welcome comments or suggestions if you feel that I have made an error.


Scoring Modes

The calculator can score APFT results in two different modes.

Alternate Event Scoring

Per FM 7-22, alternate aerobic events (including the 2.5-mile walk, 6.2-mile bike, and 800-yard swim) are GO / NO-GO events. According to FM 7-22 (para. A-40), "There is no point score annotated on the DA Form 705 for the performance of alternate aerobic events. These events are scored as a GO or NO GO." However, AR 600-8-19 (Enlisted Promotions and Reductions, 30 April 2010) provides for a score conversion for the purposes of promotion.

AR 600-8-19, para. 3-42 b.(1)(b): Effective 1 April 1995, Soldiers taking an alternate event for the 2-mile run and receiving a passing score receive a score for that event equal to the average of the scores for the other two events.

When used in Promotion Mode, score results from this utility are calculated in this manner and factored into the overall APFT score.

Waived Event Scoring

Per AR 600-8-19, soldiers with permanent profiles for the push-up or sit-up events receive 60 points for each waived event. Enter the letter "P" as the number of repetitions of push-ups and/or sit-ups to tell the calculator to exempt these events, and award 60 points.

AR 600-8-19, para. 3-42 b.(1)(a): Those Soldiers with permanent physical profiles for the sit-up and/or push-ups events will be granted 60 points for each event waived and use the actual score for each event taken and must qualify on the 2-mile run or approved alternate test according to FM 21-20 (now FM 7-22).

Also see AR 600-8-19, para. 3-42 b.(2) regarding the scoring of soldiers with temporary profiles for the purposes of promotion points.

Extended Scale

The extended scale feature allows for scores beyond the normal maximum of 300 points.

In accordance with the older FM 21-20, the extended scale option will award one point for each additional push-up and sit-up beyond the max, and one point for each six-second decrease in time from max, but only if all three events are maxed.

Please note that the new Army physical readiness manual, FM 7-22, has eliminated the extended scale. However, I have elected to continue to include this feature for the benefit of specific users that will still find it useful. Users should keep in mind that extended scale scoring may not be used for any official Army purposes.

Height/Weight Scoring

Height/weight is scored in accordance with Table 3-1 contained in AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program.

Underweight Soldiers

When using the height/weight scoring portion of this calculator, the calculator will generate a warning if any soldier on the report is underweight. Per AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program, underweight soldiers must be referred for immediate medical evaluation.

Passing Standard

The calculator can grade at either the official Army passing standard of 60% in each event, or at a passing standard of 50%. The 50% standard is typically used to score soldiers in Basic Combat Training (BCT), the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). It is also used in some JROTC units and other cadet-type organizations.

Recommended Software

No extra software is required to use APFTScore.com. However, with the recent improvements to this site which have added the ability to create and manipulate the DA 705 in XFDL (Lotus Forms/PureEdge) format, the following applications can enhance your experience. These applications are licensed by the United States Army and are available for download to Army personnel free of charge from CHESS and/or AKO.

For assistance with installing, configuring, or using this software on your personal computer I recommend MilitaryCAC.com. Army-owned computers should already be configured correctly with these applications; if not, consult your local automation personnel.